by Cereal Banter



"Cereal Banter is reserved for Joseph's most experimental side." DRUM! MAGAZINE

"Labeling them is ultimately a fruitless endeavor. They're like nothing you've heard. Chaotic, droning, oddly inviting. Their unpredictable, always-keep-em-guessing nature is refreshing." THE BIG TAKEOVER

"Imagine 30 minutes with a strobe light taped to your face." CLEVELAND SCENE

"The truth is that the dynamic duo of Molly and Joseph has created something unique. Songs that begin almost ethereally quickly take surprising turns – sometimes soothing, sometimes jarring but always apparently purposeful. Drums and keyboard are the heart and soul of the music. Joseph’s drums are furious and unpredictable, and the minimalistic sounds around them allow them to take up room on each track and draw you in. Conversely, Molly’s flittering and airy keyboard darts around the aural peripherals, teasing and taunting, making you want to keep listening if only to hear what happens next. A Brobdingnagian delight." BUZZBIN MAGAZINE

"The ratter-tatter of Joseph’s explosive and sometimes unpredictable drums atop Molly’s bumble-bee keys activates the adrenal glands." EIGHTH WHALE

"Minimalistic and complex noisey space jazz." YOUNGSTOWN VINDICATOR

Recorded @ WRUW, Cleveland
Enthusiastically Produced & Mastered by Joseph Joseph
ARTiculated by Molly Pamela


released June 9, 2011

Joseph Joseph: beats/microkorg/vox
Molly Pamela: casiotone/percussion/vox


all rights reserved


Track Name: Welcomed Bells
welcome, well come, into the sun. don't come yet.
Track Name: Dancing with People's Food from a Dog's Point of View
you are so extreme
i am from the moon
i am so intrigued
you found your red balloon
Track Name: Greedier, Meatier
passing the planets
like a greedier meteor
speeding the panic
like an orchestrated overture

da da da da da da
Track Name: Splashy Mumbles
your god's bath is splashing into math
we are damp with devastation, pow

you are not always what you think you are

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