by Cereal Banter



"It’s just as frenzied, unsettling, spontaneous, and weird as its predecessor! It’s also similarly ear-tickling." THE BIG TAKEOVER

"A clangy electro number that sounds like something from the soundtrack of an old sci-fi flick. With its clashing cymbals and muffled vocals, it could easily play during a spaceship crash scene or when a giant prehistoric creature comes after the hero. It's disorienting stuff; wildly experimental. One of the local scene's most unique entities" CLEVELAND SCENE

“Some of the most futuristically, mind-blowingly complex (and fucking awesome!) music out there. A mix of No Age and Panda Bear-like sounds that are constantly transforming in and out of this Lightning Bolt-like noise. They have yet to fail in producing songs like I’ve never heard.” LOOP

"Cereal Banter constructs a landscape of avant jazz. It's a neo-psychedelic fire-breathing contest between The Boredoms and The Flaming Lips capturing classic Frank Zappa." WARREN TRIBUNE-CHRONICLE

Recording began in November 2010. Stay tuned for the Sunblur film premiere in Spring 2013.


released November 20, 2012

Joseph Joseph: drums, drum machines, guitars, synthesizers, vox
Molly Pamela: synthesizers, xylophone, art, vox

Tony Moscorelli: bass, drums on "Rose"
Ryan Vitale: guitar on "My I Is Blurry"

Bits and Pieces Recorded by Ian James
All Else Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By Joseph Joseph


all rights reserved


Track Name: Fridge Midgets/Nutrients
You're of love, not above love
You're of blood, not above love
Of love...

Take him off your list
He doesn't exist
Burned into the sun

This lemon has been twist
A toliet full of piss
Coincidental puns

Take him off your list
He is just a glimpse
Blurred into the sun

The lemon has been twist
A toilet full of piss
Coincidental puns

We'll see right thru the mist
Humans are eclipsed
Superficial nuns

Nutrients breathe us in
Breathing out thru my...
Track Name: Sea Dough
Family as a whole is blanketing
Individuals are heartaching
Up and then apart, we grow undone
Bright and shiney soul just like the sun

Here it comes and there it goes
Just don't succumb to emotional woes

Take my time and awake my kind
I'll take my time and awake your kind
Track Name: Spontaneous Remission Is Our Mission
Bearclaw your lips
Spit words endless

Freeze-thaw your wits
Declare hate senseless
Teeth-saw your fits
and level love balanced

Who? Ahhhhhhhhh
Track Name: My I Is Blurry
Ow that hurt
Sea dough kinda
Sorta donut
Shy child program
Last couch on Earth
Bedazzle your tampon

Door to door music ed
Like jehovah's witness
Sneeze helium
I thought love
Steeped tea diving headfirst
Track Name: Astronaut Senior Prom
It's not the beard that makes you weird
It's acts of youth and lack of fear

Pluck the strays from the seams
All you lather isn't clean

It's not the beard that makes you weird
It's acts of youth and lack of fear

Duh, duh, duh

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